• Windmills in Fog, the Netherlands

    The distinctive flatness of Holland's landscape makes its famous windmills all the more imposing. I photographed these from the top of a nearby dike, which provided the elevation needed for a sense of depth.

  • Outcroppings, the Negev

    Shrubs cling to life on the rocky slopes of Israel's Negev, the massive desert comprising the nation's southern half. The Hebrew word typically used for desert, midbar, actually means wilderness, and in fact the Negev is more rocks and canyons than it is sand dunes.

  • Windbreak, The Netherlands

    A row of feather-like trees separates farmers' fields in Holland, shielding crops and cattle from the wind. I took this picture from a nearby dike, which provided the needed elevation.

  • New Crop, East Anglia

    A farmer's field sprouts new growth in England's fertile and often foggy East Anglia, the lesser-known lobe of land that projects into the North Sea.

  • Slopes, the Lake District

    A view across one of the many lakes in northwest England's sparsely populated shire of Cumbria, home to the fabled Lake District. The area's lush green fields, hills, and forests contrast with the rocky, glacial slopes of its tallest mountains.

  • Mirror Image, the Dead Sea

    A mirror image of treeless mountains created by the Dead Sea's utterly still, viscous water and brilliant sun. The region's landscape is one of the strangest I have ever seen.

  • Pink Mosque in Shadows

    A village mosque in a location I didn't record, somewhere along the western edge of Jordan.

  • Conversation, the Old City

    Palestinian women and children sit and chat against a background of age-old Jerusalem stone, in a view looking down from the old city's rocky slopes.

  • Winding Wall, the Highlands

    A scene that shows the amazing things the Scots can do with a rock wall, and how they deal with the challenges of their native landscape.

  • Date Palms on the Red Sea

    A grove of date palms along the Jordan Valley between Aqaba and the Red Sea port of Eilat.

  • Moonrise over Jordan

    Creased, treeless mountains on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea turn pink at sunset, as a full moon rises above them.